Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Welcome To My Money Blog!

Here at my blog you will learn how to make more money than ever!

Lets Begin:

GPT Sites: A "Get Paid To" Site, is a site that pays you to complete offers on their website. Offers may include surveys, free samples, trials and other things! Most offers are free, and with any GPT site you can easily spend nothing and make a lot! Some GPT sites offer a "PTC" Section. And Some sites even offer an email section to it aswell! A GPT site is the best way to earn cash.

PTC Sites: A PTC site is a site that pays you to watch ads and click links. These are more time consuming than GPT sites, and takes longer to earn revenue. PTC is simple but time consuming.

Email Sites: An email site is a site that pays you to read their emails and watch advertisments.
Most email sites have a "PTC" Section in them along with their email readings.

Game Sites: Game sites that pay you to play games against other users. Most cost money for deposits, some are completely free. The free money sites are extremely easy and I recomend that you use these.

Search Sites: Search sites are sites that give away prizes and cash for using their search engine, I suggest setting your homepage to the prize site for searching if you choose to do this.

Chat Sites: Sites like myspace, but you get paid to do chat, blog, post pictures, and host clubs!
GPT Sites:

DealBarbiePays is a easy GPT site for the Advanced GPT person, with over 1000 offers worth over $2,500! Referall Levels 15%,3%,2% and you get a $5.oo signup bonus for joining! Dealbarbie also has their deal or dud game, it cost 25 signs to play, and can either lose you $2.00 or win you $3.50! Minimum Payout is $25.

Spare Stash is a great GPT site for the Middle GPT user. with over 800 offers worth $4500!
Sign up and get a $3.00 signup bonus! Referal Levels are 15% and 2%. Spare Stash offers a PTC section aswell. Minimum Payout is $20.

A $5.00 "Welcoming" bonus will be added to your account just for registering!
Increase your earnings with 2 referral levels!
1st level referrals- 15%2nd level referrals -2%
Extra information on referrals- You get credit from your referral as soon as their offer(s) are approved. You don't have to wait for cashouts. You will also receive a $1.00 bonus for every referral that completes 1 offer! Pickuploot also has a PTC section!

Kash Kitchen is a great site for earning an easy dollar or two! They currently have 893 offers, totaling $7,247! You get a $1 and 10 points sign up bonus! Only a $2.00 minimum payout cash or paypal, $20 for visa gift card! Do their dotschool offer, it's free and it pays $4.55!

Made by dealbarbie creators. 210 offers worth over $500! $5 Minimum payout! Referal Levels are 15%,3% and 2%!

Fairway Cash has 1,174 offers, worth $5,620. Join now and get a $3.00 signup bonus! Minimum cashout is is $20, they have tons of gift cards to choose from aswell! Referal Levels 12%,3%,2%.


You currently earn 20% of what your referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make. You'll also receive a $3.00 bonus for each referral who meets the $10 minimum payout!

Media Dollarz is the best GPT site on the web! No minimum payouts for paypal or check! Their are great prizes such as ipods, WII, XBOX 360 and the ps3! I reccomend this site for everyone! Referal Levels 15%, 3% and 2%!


Your Actions pay is one of the biggest GPT sites around!
Get PAID to join and try membership programs and do a ton of other things at YourActionsPay.com! They will even pay you up to a $5 Joining Bonus to Join Now {limited time offer}! Join Today and start making $100's each day by joining and trying different programs! And start making your every action count!

They have 749 Offers, worth $1,748! Join today and get a $1.00 signup bonus! Minimum withdraw is only $10 paypal or $20 a lot of giftcards!


Inbox dollars is the best and easiest way to make a lot of cash from your computer! For every survey by inbox dollars you get $1! For every emails you get from 3 cents to 40 cents! And their is a GPT section! Minimum withdrawl is only $30 and you get a $5 signup bonus!

Prize Rebel is a great gpt site that pays points, and you can redeem for pc games, xbox 360, ipods (Even the new ipod touch), a Ds, A PSP, and more!

Monster pays cash is one of this years most talked about GPT sites! No minimum payouts!

My hot cash is an easy site to earn cash on! Only a $15 minimum payout! 1st level referral income 15%,2nd level referral income 5%.


Gangster greed is an easy gpt site. The best thing about gangster greed, is that it is unlimited referal levels! Level 1 is 25% then level 2 is 25% of that which is 6.25% then level 3 is 25% of that ECT.


Scpaidsurveys Has a $1.00 sign up bonus and 1 referral level. For each first level referral, you are paid 20% of their earnings!

Buck Fever Is an easy GPT site with a PTC and PTS section. 10% referal levels, and you get a $1 signup bonus!

PTC Sites:


Angel PTC is the best PTC site around! Only a 70 cent withdraw! You can also watch ads for cash! Emails pay up to 0.25! 25% of referals!


Smokey Clicks is an easy PTC site with only an 80 cent withdraw! Get paid to click links and watch ads. Referal level: 25%


Sunflower Clicks is also an easy PTC site with only a $1 withdraw! Get paid to click links and watch ads. Referal level: 250% !


Tarbux is a great PTC site with over 30,000 members so far! Just View adds for 30 seconds and get paid! Minimum Payout is only $7!


Adbux is the easiest, the best, and the biggest PTC site on the web! With over 480,000 users registered, and over 18 million ads served! Minimum payout is only $10! Adbux has over 50 ads a day on their website, and if each ad pays 2 cents thats $1 a day plus your referal earnings! Adbux has also started an offer section, they have almost 1000 offers!
Email Sites:


Donkeymails is a site where you read email and click ads for money! Only a $1 withdraw!


Earn by mails is a great site with no minimum payout that pays up to 0.50 cents per email and PTC section is available aswell as the offers to complete!


Wealth wars is a site that you fight against other users for cash, you can steal from their bases and they can steal from yours!
Search Sites:


Winzy is a site where you search and can win prizes like an ipod shuffle or nano or amazon gift cards.
Chat Sites:


Yuwie is just like myspace, but you get paid!


Mylot is where you get paid to chat, the bigger the post or thread or comment, the more you get paid!